Beautiful Photos of Bhutan’s Wildlife Corridors — including Tigers Walking on the Roof the World

The Guardian just published some beautiful photos of Bhutan’s culture of tiger conservation and its wildlife corridors — narrow strips of protected habitat that help sustain the free movement, genetic diversity and long-term conservation of many species, including the Bengal Tiger (actually a tiger sub-species). The commitment of Bhutan’s people to protecting and living alongside wildlife is […]

Great News: Indonesia’s Large Mammals Love River Forest Corridors

Good news from a recent article on by Benji Jones: a recent study shows that river forest corridors in Sumatra, Indonesia are extensively used by large mammals (>1 kg) – the number of large mammal species recorded in four river forest corridors (19) was half that expected to be found in a healthy, old-growth […]

The Endangered Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog’s Population Rebounds!

Great news from the endangered Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog’s population has rebounded after it was decimated by invasive trout and the spread of chytrid fungal disease (“Yosemite’s yellow-legged frogs bounce back from near extinction,” Ula Chrobrak, CC BY-NC-ND license). The findings come from a 20-year study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) that found a seven-fold increase in the […]