Beautiful Photos of Bhutan’s Wildlife Corridors — including Tigers Walking on the Roof the World

The Guardian just published some beautiful photos of Bhutan's culture of tiger conservation and its wildlife corridors — narrow strips of protected habitat that help sustain the free movement, genetic diversity and long-term conservation of many species, including the Bengal Tiger (actually a tiger sub-species). The commitment of Bhutan's people to protecting and living alongside wildlife is... Continue Reading →

“Nature Needs Half” — How to Protect the Earth, Support Indigenous Communities and Avert the Global Extinction Crisis

An exciting new study just came out that explores the opportunity to protect half of the world's natural habitat and thus avert the current global extinction crisis — and the good news is that in most of the world this goal is still in reach. Scientists, conservationists, lovers of wildlife (and plants, fungi and other life forms!) have been... Continue Reading →

E.O. Wilson’s Half-Earth Approach and the Power of Acknowledging Nature for its Intrinsic Value

Mongabay  recently published an excellent interview that provides an answer to one of the biggest questions in environmental conservation: how do we save the Earth's species from extinction in the face of the many different threats they face today? The interview, entitled "E.O. Wilson on Half-Earth, Donald Trump and Hope" by Jeremy Hance, is mostly about... Continue Reading →

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