A Quilombo Wins Rights to 220,000 ha of its Land – and why Biocultural Diversity is Important to Preserving Life on Earth

Sometimes in difficult times, we unexpectedly get good news.  The community of Cachoeira Porteira recently won the rights to 220,000 hectares (849 square miles) of their traditional lands in the Amazon rainforest of the state of Pará, Brazil.  Cachoeira Porteira is a quilombo, i.e. a community made up of the descendants of escaped slaves, and it still holds strong... Continue Reading →

Trees Against Trump

Want a simple and yet effective way to oppose Trump's environmental policies?  Now you can donate to "Trump Forest," an effort to completely offset the effects of Trump's disastrous climate policies - including his dismantling of the Clean Power Plan - by planting 1 billion trees worldwide.  Yes, that's 1 billion trees or the absorption... Continue Reading →

“Conversations With the Earth”: Why We Should All Listen to Indigenous Peoples More in 2018

Welcome to 2018.  With a new year comes new thinking, and along those lines I'd like to focus on the "Conversations with the Earth" project by biologist and traditional knowledge researcher Gleb Raygorodetsky (who is also author of the new book  Archipelago of Hope). Conversations with the Earth features videos and photo stories of indigenous communities who are... Continue Reading →

Earth Issues are the Same as Race Issues, Class Issues, Sexuality Issues and Empire Issues: Cornel West on Why we Need a Spiritually-Grounded Activism

Cornel West wrote an excellent piece for The Guardian recently describing the crisis the United States of America is facing, partly due to the presidency of Donald Trump but also due to long-standing efforts to oppress women, immigrants, people of color, native peoples, LGBTQ people and to sacrifice the environment that are really coming to a head right... Continue Reading →


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