Earth Issues are the Same as Race Issues, Class Issues, Sexuality Issues and Empire Issues: Cornel West on Why we Need a Spiritually-Grounded Activism

Cornel West wrote an excellent piece for The Guardian recently describing the crisis the United States of America is facing, partly due to the presidency of Donald Trump but also due to long-standing efforts to oppress women, immigrants, people of color, native peoples, LGBTQ people and to sacrifice the environment that are really coming to a head right... Continue Reading →

As Support for Corrupt Dams Collapses, the Indigenous Movement in Honduras Rises For the Sake of Us All

The Guardian recently reported that all international financial  support for the Agua Zarca dam has been withdrawn — which is an important victory in the struggle against the dam and for life, peace and justice in Honduras! The Agua Zarca dam is particularly infamous not just because it was planned  without the consent of the local community and... Continue Reading →

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