Colombia Adds 2,192 mi² of Indigenous Reserves to Stop Deforestation and Prepare for Climate Change

The Colombian government recently announced the expansion of the two indigenous reserves of Puerto Sabalo-Los Monos and Monochoa in Caquetá province by an amazing 567,890 hectares (2,192 mi²) — creating a connected area greater than the size of Honduras!  The primary aims of these new reserves are to help stop deforestation and forest degradation, connect previously isolated natural […]

A Haunting, Beautiful Song About Climate Change (and the Whole System, Really)

A few days ago I published a post about two approaches to environmental conservation based on music and/or sound, but today I’d like to point out that there are also some great contemporary songs written about climate change and other environmental issues. One such example, as reported on by by Kate Yodler, is this song “7 Billion” […]