A Haunting, Beautiful Song About Climate Change (and the Whole System, Really)

A few days ago I published a post about two approaches to environmental conservation based on music and/or sound, but today I’d like to point out that there are also some great contemporary songs written about climate change and other environmental issues. One such example, as reported on by Grist.org by Kate Yodler, is this song “7 Billion” […]

Protected Areas Will be Insufficient in the Face of Climate Change, But They Will Still Help

Just last month author Mike Gaworecki  of mongabay published a fascinating article about a study on the potential impacts of climate change on biodiversity in protected areas (i.e. government- or privately-owned areas where human activities are limited and/or the area is set aside for conservation) in the Amazon. The article starts out by noting rightfully that there is strong evidence that protected areas do reduce deforestation—for […]

Arctic Sea Ice Crashes to a Record June–Low in 2016

The Guardian and Grist report that Arctic sea ice reached a June record-low last month of 10.6 million square kilometers (4.09 million square miles), or 260,000 square kilometers  below the previous record in June 2010. The data comes from the U.S.-based National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), which reports that March was the only month […]