If we want to Win on Climate Change like we did with Pollution, we Need to Shift from the Future to the Present

There's an excellent article on Medium explaining one important reason why U.S. environmentalists are losing the fight against climate change. The main point is simple: climate activists need to focus more on climate change's immediate impacts on our health, our homes, our communities and the regions we live in and less on future global impacts... Continue Reading →

Excellent “On the Media” Interview on the Paris Climate Agreement– Landmark or Fraud?

A couple of weeks ago Andy Revkin posted an excellent On The Media interview on his Dot Earth blog about the Paris climate agreement entitled "Landmark or Fraud?" Admittedly, the title is somewhat facetious– it refers to the fact that the U.S. media is still trapped by the "debate" between climate change proponents and climate change deniers and this precluded... Continue Reading →


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